Phil Foss

Phil has taken advantage of his background in painting, sculpture, and photography; successfully merging his experience in a variety of art disciplines to be one of the most well-rounded and accomplished web-focused designers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

phil-foss-designerA designer with over 12 years of studio and agency design experience, Phil focuses on the front-end development and cms integrations. Urban art played a strong part in Phil’s initial interest in typography and design, and were his influences as he began his graphic design career. Now, Phil brings his passion for typography, 3-D modeling/animation, photography, and web site design and development to every client; providing them with the art direction, strategy, and technical know-how needed for a total and stunning web presence.

Since earning his BFA in Graphic Design from James Madison University, Phil has received numerous awards from the Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington for interactive and identity design. Phil constantly studies trends in the design world, but is careful not to be a victim of style. This ensures every project he heads up doesn’t follow the curve, it sets the curve.

After leaving the role as Senior Interactive Designer for Fuszion in Alexandria, VA, Phil now focuses on web strategy, design, and development with area companies, as well as support marketing efforts involving photography and video production. He also founded the retail brand TYOTOYS as a product rebranding and e-commerce experiment which continues to grow with success.

When not in design mode, Phil continues to follow his love of photography and the outdoors; spending his time on mountain bike trails or the golf course, always with a camera at hand.

Phil has worked on projects for AOL, Coca-Cola, Discovery Networks, PBS Kids, The Weather Channel, and XM Satellite Radio. He has also worked for dozens or organizations including:

  • aabb
  • aae
  • aaia
  • aalu
  • aaos
  • aap
  • aba
  • abs
  • acc
  • acics
  • acr
  • adea
  • afa
  • ahq
  • aiaa
  • amt
  • ancc
  • aoa
  • aoa
  • aopa
  • apha
  • aps
  • asca
  • ascd
  • ascp
  • ash
  • ashp
  • asq
  • ata
  • ausa
  • awea
  • awwa
  • aysoa
  • cap
  • cla
  • iacp
  • ific
  • iadc
  • ilta
  • isoc
  • iuoe
  • jdrf
  • mema
  • moaa
  • nacds
  • nam
  • nassp
  • nboa
  • nea
  • nhf
  • njsb
  • npes
  • oha
  • pad
  • pma
  • pmmi
  • raps
  • rma
  • sae
  • siam
  • sme
  • soa
  • spe
  • tasbo
  • usl
  • usta
  • wef
  • ymca
  • yota

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